Saturday, May 10, 2008

New Things

Ok....I am testing my system because I learned a few new tricks. The one that I really wanted to learn was how to do a better banner with pictures and everything. Here you can find out how to link your words so that you can click on the word. Cool, right? At this same blog you can find a tutorial on how to do a banner for your blog. Some blog people are really secretive about this trick. But I found it. Now I just need photoshop.

So since I know now how to do the link thing I am going to try it. These are some of the websites I love.

Ashley's Closet She is a really funny mom and her adventures are hilarious!

The Nester She has great decorating tips and I wish my house was like hers.

Adventures of a Food Slut She has great food recipes that I would love to try if I cooked.

I am sure I am not doing anything new, all your professional bloggers are probably laughing at me and saying "You stupid girl" in a french accent.

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