Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday Friday

I love Fridays! I love being home and knowing I don't have to go to work tomorrow or the next day.

I am sitting here watching Racheal Ray and wishing I could make that good food and under 30 minutes. I tried before one of her recipes and it was more like 45 minutes. I think she preps her food.

My weekend is big fun we are going tomorrow to our niece's 3rd birthday. Don't tell her but I got her some shirts and shorts(lame I know), but then I got the Kelly doll, the sister of barbie. She is three now and the barbie age is 3 +. Its a little doll with a cupcake that says its your birthday. Then I got her a book that says Happy Birthday to You! She might not like it, she can't read yet.

Then we are celebrating Mother's day at Michael's mom. They are big into gifts. My mom just wants a card and that I love her. Michael's mom wants a pizza maker. That thing that spins and cooks your pizza. She is borrowing ours at the moment. Since we are not using because we are on a "diet"

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