Sunday, May 18, 2008

Window Mistreatments

Ok. This is my first time ever putting curtains up. At The Nester, she does all kinds of window mistreatments. She is amazing at the window treatments. I hope mine can be just as good. Well I decided to try my hand at it.



I know they are not the best pictures, but they were taken on my camera phone. I don't have a camera that I can find.

As I was watching my husband put up the curtain rod, he was like you better not blog about this.
I may have put more work onto on him than he was ready for, but I will make it up to him.

He is leaving for 2 days for a job in VA. My mom is coming to stay with me for a couple days. Hopefully everything goes good and he doesn't over exert himself.

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The Nester said...

girl, those are so fancy that they barely qualify for mistreatmets! They are like real, live, window treatments! Looking really good!

Love that color too!