Monday, November 24, 2008


Today has just been one of those days.

I went to work same as always, and when I went to the bathroom at 1:30, I noticed my shirt was on inside out! All day long I have been sitting here thinking I have been cute, and my shirt was on inside out.


This weekend Michael and I went to Raleigh, where the stores are better, more restaurant options, and better deals.

I didn't buy a single Christmas present.

We drove an hour to go to fancy schmancy mall, and I bought Michael a N.C. State shirt. I did however buy a few more things for my Christmas tree and decorations. Hopefully I will have everything finished tonight! My aunt is coming over, and she is a Martha Stewart type decorator. She is going to put the finishing touches on it.

Yesterday I watched Bridge to Teribithia for the second time, and cried my eyes out. That is my favorite book when I was in 5th grade, and have loved it ever since. For Valentine's day the year before last, Michael took me to see the movie.

BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA Pictures, Images and Photos

I was crying louder than anyone including grown men. I watched it yesterday and still cried. That little boy is so heartbreaking!

All in all a semi decent weekend.

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Anonymous said...

lol on the shirt. That's something I would do, too. (all the while people snickering at me). I wish our tree were up, I am sooo jealous!