Friday, November 7, 2008

Who loves Michael more??

Michael and I have a dog.

Her name is Annabell.

She was around almost a year before I even stepped into the picture. She and I act the same way around Michael however. Now granted he doesn't have to take me out for walks to use the potty, but he does have to take me out to eat a couple times a week.

Annabell and I fight for Michael's attention. She usually wins out.

Here are a few examples:

1. When Michael is laying down in his recliner, she comes up and lays right on his chest. She is a little thing, but she likes to lay right on him for a long time. hen I am being sweet to Michael, I try to sit on his lap in the recliner to cuddle. I think it last like 5 minutes because his arm is in the wrong place, or my bony hip is in his side.

Annabell: 1 Me: 0

2. In the beginning of our marriage when Michael and I would be intimate, and underthings go flying all over. She would take just my underthings and tear them up. I went through 2 bras and a handful of panties. The good side of that is Michael would have to buy me the Victoria Secret gift card to replace them. My body can only handle the good stuff.

Annabell: 1 Me: 1

3. Michael and I go to bed at the same time every night. We lay in bed and talk about our day, and Annabell always shows up to smoosh in between us. She knows there is an inch of room between us, so she makes room. She has to sleep right beside Michael. He never pushes her away.

Annabell: 2 Me: 1

If Annabell has an accident in our house, it is usually in the closet of our bedroom. It also usually while Michael and I are in the shower, or just being together. Without her. She has major jealousy and possessive issues. I think she needs doggie therapy.

But here I am writing a whole blog about how I fight with Annabell (a dog) for my husband's attention. I think I may have issues too. One thing is for sure, Annabell and I both know how to get Michael to do whatever we want. We just bat those puppy dog eyes of ours, and he makes sure we are taken care of. There has been a couple nights that Annabell gets left at Grandma's overnight, so we can have privacy.

Annabell: 2 Me: 2 Michael: 0 awww!

And I don't have kids, I wonder why?

3 Ways to Agree/Disagree with me!:

Anonymous said...

She sounds a bit diabolical! lol. I think you should even the score and get a second pet so you have one for yourself.

Paige said...

I so have the same problem with Simba, one of our Danes. She loves my husband like he gives her air, it is insane. But it is kind of cute

Mrs. Buck said...

What a lucky guy to have 2 ladies fighting for his attention, no wonder he eats it up!