Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I just used this website to get my Christmas cards for this season. I had never used it before, but I love it. I got 62 Christmas cards, and 50 pictures that I needed printed out. I ordered them on Sunday afternoon, and got them today Tuesday!

I could not believe it. It was also highly affordable. I only paid 33 dollars for everything! I got free shipping and 50 free prints and 12 extra Christmas cards when I ordered 50. I don't think you can beat that for anything.

The pictures also turned out great, and also I got envelopes to go with my Christmas cards!! Seriously if you are doing Christmas cards, you need to go through them.

You can also have your own page where friends and family can see your pictures and order if they want to. You can also pick the pictures up at Target, if you can't wait two days!!

I was shocked because the site said I would not get them til the end of the week!

2 Ways to Agree/Disagree with me!:

Mother of a Firecracker said...

I love Shutterfly. I purchased a prepaid print service. Very cheap and you have 2 years to use all the prints. I have also bought many Christmas presents from Shutterfly. Once you have kids thats all the grandparents want for Christmas. I make everyone a calender of Micah for Christmas every year. Last year I also made coasters and mouse pads as gifts too!! I am in love with Shutterfly.

Rebecca said...

I love shutterfly too! We are getting our cards through Andrea this year but we got them through shutterfly last year (with pictures she had taken) and they turned out great! I love the sales they have every once in a while!