Sunday, November 2, 2008

Election Time

My aunt, her son(my cousin, duh), and me are meeting up at 6:30 in the morning to go vote for our president. There is not going to be no early voting for us. I beleive that it is UN american to early vote. I like voting on the day because it always seems like those count.

The sad thing is my aunt and me are voting for one person, and my cousin is voting for the other guy. We are planning to go out to breakfast after voting. That is if we don't have to wait in line foreva!! I really don't want to wait in line, and I am hoping that the people don't start to get into line until 8 in the morning.

I am so sick of political ads and propoganda!! I am not sure if I have made it clear who I am voting for, but I do not want to push anybody away because we don't agree on the presidential election. I already don't have that many readers. I don't want to alienate anybody else.

Let's just get it over with!!! Please!!

3 Ways to Agree/Disagree with me!:

Dalton Gang said...

Isn't election day tomorrow (Tuesday)?

misspro312 said...

Yeah!! I meant to put tuesday morning. Oops!!

Dalton Gang said...

With all of the early voting, I got nervous that I somehow missed the election:)