Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thanksgiving? What's That?

I know that Thanksgiving has not arrived yet. I know that I have not tasted that sweet turkey, yams, potatoes, or pumpkin pie. No sweet nap dreaming of football and family. But I could not help it. I wanted to get an early start.

We bought our Christmas tree last night.

This is our first Christmas as a married couple, and I want our house to be the prettiest on the block. All I have is the tree and the lights. I am going with a monogram theme this year, and I have bought too many to count of A's and M's. I want something that is traditional yet different. Hopefully I will have it fully decorated by the weekend after Thanksgiving.

This is a whole new thing for me. I have never decorated my own tree. I have never decorated a house for Christmas. I have never woken up on Christmas morning with the love of my life right beside me. We can start any traditions that we want.

It is all fresh and new to us!!!

I have not started on Christmas shopping yet. I am the worst present giver also. I never know what to get anybody. I never know what to tell people what I want. Hopefully I can do better this year!

2 Ways to Agree/Disagree with me!:

Paige said...

Aww..I remember our first married Xmas, which was also our first Xmas in our new house...enjoy yourself, this one is special!

Mrs.D said...

I wish we had our tree out already! It's put up in the shed outside so I am at hubby's mercy as to when it comes out. I like to decorate early, it's a lot of work so why not enjoy it longer?

So here's an early Merry Christmas!