Friday, September 5, 2008

Hurricane Party!!

Hurricane Hanna is almost here!! I just got off work, because my company does not understand the dangers of an approaching hurricane enough to let us go home early.

My sweet sweet hubby went by Food Lion and got the basic needs:

(3) 12 packs of Diet coke, (1) 12 pack of Sprite, (2) cases of bottled water and a loaf of bread.

We are prepared!

The bands of rain have already started coming in. The weather forecasters say this is perfect weather for tornadoes!! Boo! That means I will be anxious all night worried if somehting is going to blow my roof off. Hurricanes are not that bad, because I live inland about an hour and a half from the beach. We feel some effects from it, but not usually anything bad.

But we will probably end up going out to eat tonight. Why should a hurricane make us eat my bad cooking?

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Mrs.D said...

sounds like you got the bare neccessities- sodas and bread. lol. that's what i would've bought, too. i have to have diet mt. dew, or else! you'd see me on the news, looting a 7-11 for it. have a good weekend in spite of the bad weather.