Monday, September 29, 2008

Vacation Road Trip Part 2

The next part of our trip was to go to Nashville for the day. I had been there when I was about 12 so it had changed a lot. A and I wanted to check into the hotel and not have to move our car anymore.

Big Mistake!!

We walked probably a mile and a half at 12:00 noon on the hottest day to find a place to eat. We had heard there was going to some country concerts going on in that part of the town later that night. We got there about 4 hours too early.

So A decided she wanted some sushi. I love Chinese and Japanese food like the best of them. But I had only really tried California Rolls. She ordered a couple different sushi and I ordered Teriyaki Chicken(I know Original!) Then I decided under Angela's guidance to try Sake. Thank you Sensai!


Here is a little thing about Sake. It is like taking a warm shot of Vodka. Cold Vodka burns going down the throat, and when you add warm to that it equals Gross!!!! Angela liked it but I did not!! No more Sake for this grasshopper.

After eating we realized we had a few hours to spend before the concerts. So we called a cab, because there was no way we were walking back in the heat. Our makeup practically came off the first time!!

We went to the tourist shops and did what any tourist would do.


In Nashville, in case you did not know, they have 2 streets of just bars and tourist shops. So say at 3:00 in the afternoon you want to hear some live country music and have a drink. You can in Nashville.

This guy was great! Cute too! Hopefully we hear about him in a couple years on the radio.


We could not leave Nashville without visiting this place to make sure it was just like the movie.


That is the only acceptable picture I could put up!

Oh and it is just like the movie, maybe even more racier!!

All in all we had a blast! My friend and I were able to hang out, see new things, and make great memories!!!

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