Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The worst sleepmate ever!!!

I love this person so much, and she has been with me since I was born. She is constantly taking care of me and putting up with my junk all the time. But this woman is not allowed to share my bed anymore!!

Yes Mother I am talking about you!!

You tried to butter me up by washing the dishes and cleaning out my sink with clorox. You even wanted to wash my clothes. I felt like I was living at home again and the world revolved around me. It was great!

Until you slept in my bed with me. I do not like to stay alone while my husband is gone, so I invited my mother over to stay with me. Next time I might try it alone!

She is the worst sleeper ever!! I knew that going in but I always think that this time it will be better! It's not!

She talks in her sleep, no scratch that she yells angrily in her sleep! She tells people off in her sleep. The first night she stayed she threw a pillow at my head. She likes to sleep diagonal on the bed with her feet in my back.

Did I mention she snores! All different kinds of snoring, loud obnoxious snores, soft constant snores, snores you think are over then they start again!!

On top of all that she can not be woken up for nothing! She is an incredible deep sleeper. I could kick her off the bed and she would not wake. Believe me, I wanted to do it!!

My mom doesn't read this, but she knows how I feel. She could tell by my grumpy attitude in the morning!!

My husband is home now, so I can sleep with him!

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